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  • Friday, Nov 12 2021 Option Coverage

    Month Long European Options for ETH, BTC, LTC
    Opened by sending ETH to NFTsDAO.eth

    $5,000 Strike

    0.087 ETH

    $70,000 Strike

    0.89 ETH

    $300 Strike

    0.0027 ETH

  • NFT-based Governance

    NFTs Are Excellent Governance Tokens

    Befitting: An NFT company with NFT Governance

    We strive to deliver value to partnering NFT projects and meaningfully build-out ambitious use cases alongside talented existing teams or lend our expertise to whatever technological issue being attempted.

  • NFT Use Case Innovation

    NFT use cases have grown stale. It's only through industry-leading innovations that the blockchain space can continue to be on the forefront of the tech movement. Decentralized Art, through NFTs, has the potentially transformative ability to be a disruptive force.